Tikkurila Kilpi Roof Tile Paint

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Give your roof a new lease on life with Tikkurila Kilpi Roof Tile Paint. Easily change the look of your roof and prolong the life of your tiles by applying a maintenance coat of Kilpi. 

Kilpi Paint decreases the effect of water, reduces degradation of tiles and decreases the effects of biological growth. Available in 5 standard colours. Not suitable for Clay Tile Roofing, apply by brush or Spray.

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Product Information:

Rejuvenate and elongate the life cycle of your roof tiles with Kilpi Roof Tile Paint by Tikkurila. 

Maintain the protection of your building, and update your exterior aesthetic by applying Kilpi Roof Tile paint either by brush or roller. Available in 5 ready-mixed and beautiful colours to enhance the natural beauty of your building. These 5 colours are created through non-organic pigments, for beautiful, and long lasting colour. 

Kilpi Paint for Roof Tiles decreases the effect of water in the structure, reduces degradation of the tiles and biological growth on the surface. Kilpi Roof tile Paint is easy to use and suitable for both the professional decorator or the home renovator.

Give your exterior a new lease on life with Tikkurila Kilpi Roof Tile Paint.  


Average Coverage rates depend on the porosity of the surface and application method.

Estimated Coverage rates

2-4m2 per Litre for application on concrete tiles (2 coats required)

3-5m2 per Litre for application on primed fibre cement boards (2 Coats required) 

Colour Selections:

Tikkurila Kilpi Roof Tile Paint comes in 5 ready-mixed colours for you to choose from

  • TVT 0511 Brick Red
  • TVT 0517 Cottage Red
  • TVT 0518 Brown
  • TVT 0520 Dark Grey
  • TVT 0521 Black

Surface Preparation:

To prepare the surfaces ready for application of Kilpi Roof Tile Paint, first, ensure that all surfaces are clean and free from dirt, dust, moss and lichen. Wash the surface cautiously and apply a coat of Valtti Mould Remover. Wash away solution once clean. 

It is possible to use a brush to improve the cleaning effect if necessary. 

Application and Thinning: For Concrete Tile Roofing

To prime the surface, apply the first coat of Kilpi Roof Paint thinned with 10-20% water. When applying, ensure that the paint penetrates into the pores of the tiles. 

Allow 24 Hours to dry and apply the second coat of Kilpi Paint. If necessary, thin this coat of Kilpi with 5-15% water. Application possible by brush or spray. 

Application and Thinning: For Fiber Cement Roofing

After following the standard preparation, apply one coat of Akvacoat Epoxy Lacquer thinned with 50% water. Allow 1-2 Days drying time. 

For the second coat, apply th eKilpi Roof Tile Paint thinned with 5-15% water. Apply by brush or spray but always ensure the paint penetrates into the tile pores. 

Allow another 24 hours drying time and apply one final coat of Kilpi paint. This topcoat can be thinned with a maximum 5-15% water. Apply by brush or spray. 

Kilpi Roof Tile Paint withstands rain and dew 1-2 hours after application. But, for best results, aim to apply Kilpi in warmer, dryer weather and temperatures.

Always check the condition of the roofing and understructure before commencing work.  

Technical Data
Finish Matt
Application Brush or Spray
Waterbased Yes
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) Withstands rain and dew after 1-2 hours
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 24 hours
04.Drying Time (Full cure) 1 month
Smooth Coverage (m2 / litre) 2-4m2 per Litre
Thinning 5-15% Water

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