Flexi Joint Filler

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A two part pourable joint sealant for  floor joints up to 25mm wide. For interior or exterior use.

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Flexi-Joint Fill is a two-part pourable flexible joint sealant, for use in floor joints up to 25mm wide. Based on the most recent polyurethane technology, it is easy to use without the need for applicator equipment and is ideal for filling and sealing expansion joints and concrete bay joints. Ideal for construction joints between concrete slabs, factory and warehouse floors car parks garages, petrol station forecourts.

Sealed joints allow traffic after 8 – 12 hours
Interior and exterior use

Surface Preparation
Ensure the sides of the joint are clean and dry. Spalled joint edges should be repaired using Anglo Epoxy Repair Mortar. The Flexi-Joint Rod should be used to reduce deeper joints to the desired depth. Flexi-Joint Fill Primer should be applied by brush to the sides of the joint and allowed to dry for approximately 30 minutes. Masking tape can be placed either side of the joint to protect the floor from over-spill.

To aid pouring, crimp the rim of the tin and pour evenly into the prepared joint, leaving the top of the sealant joint just below the surface of the floor. To remove any air press firmly onto the surface. Final smoothing should be carried out with a steel float. To prevent drag when using the trowel or float, it is advisable to wipe the blade of the tool occasionally with a rag moistened with white spirit.


Technical Data
02.Drying Time (To handle) 10-12 hours
04.Drying Time (Full cure) 7 days
Type Two Pack
Application Method Pour

Flexi Joint Filler

Health and Safety Data Sheet

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