Aquatint Waterborne Swimming Pool Paint

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The Aquatint Swimming Pool Paint is a high performance and durable finishing coat for rendered and tiled swimming pools and garden ponds. 

The water based formula seals and finishes the walls, ceilings, rendered and concrete surfaces of swimming pools. 

Suitable for below the water line. 

Non hazardous, non-toxic and is safe for use in fish ponds.

Resists mould and algae growth.

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Product Info

The Aquatint Swimming Pool Paint is a high performance durable emulsion paint with water resistant properties. It is non hazardous and resists the growth of mould and algae. Safe for use in fish ponds.

The Aquatint is easy to apply, and is a quick drying emulsion for plaster walls and ceilings, rendered and concrete surfaces of swimming pools below the water line. Aquatint is not suitable for liner pools, ceramic glazed tiles, mosaic, rubber, butyl rubber, asphalt bituminous or metal surfaces.

Surface Preparation
Surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free from any material that might affect adhesion, remove loose flaking or friable material. Remove any signs of mould growth with mould removal solution in accordance with application instructions.
Keep the work damp (not wet) as work proceeds. Dilute the first coat with 500ml clean water per 5 Litres Aquatint.

New sand / cement rendered pools

Wash down with water then acid wash to dissolve uncured cement and etch smooth rendering. Use 10% hydrochloric acid solution (To dilute, add acid to water NOT water to acid). The rendering should have a granular texture like fine sandpaper. Finally rinse with copious quantities of water. Wear safety goggle and protective clothing when using acid

Old Pools

Use sugar soap or similar to remove oily material, acid to remove lime encrustation and a mould removal solution bleach (never use mould removal solution if acid is present) to remove algae and mould growth.
Rinse with copious quantities of clean water

Previously unpainted surfaces

Treat as for new pools after removing all weak and friable material

Previously painted surfaces

Abrade glossy and smooth surfaces to provide a key. For GRP (glass reinforced plastic) lightly sand in straight lines. Do not use power tools.

Friable and weak old render.

Remove back to a firm base and replace where necessary. Marble chip renderings are particularly liable to be weak and powdery throughout. If a high proportion of marble chip is exposed, the surface should be lightly sanded to score the glossy surface.

Cracked surfaces

The paint will fill hairline cracks. Cut back wider cracks and fill. Abrade smooth cured filler and if seeping water seek advice.

Stained surfaces

Certain stains will bleed through new coatings. Test on a small area before proceeding.

Once Aquatint has been applied and allowed to dry thoroughly, dry test the painted surface by rubbing gently with a rough damp cloth. Any trace of paint removed indicates that drying is not complete and the coating will fail.

Test several areas of the pool.

When thoroughly dry and cured leave 48 hours before filling.

Technical Data
Coverage Smooth
Finish Satin, Matt
Waterbased Yes
Smooth Coverage (m2 / litre) 10-12
Type Single Pack
Application Method Brush, Roller, Spray
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