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Tikkurila Semi-Transparent Wood Finishes Colour Card

Enhance the natural beauty of the wood with 39 attractive semi-transparent shades

Water-borne semi-transparent wood finish for use on exterior wood.

Penetrating wood stains that reverses the effects of moisture, UV-light and microbial growth.

Great for: Timber Cladding, log cabins, garden furniture.

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Tikkurila Semi-Transparent Wood Finishes Colour Card

Enhance the natural beauty of exterior wooden surfaces, with 39 attractive semi-transparent colours from Tikkurila.

For use on all exterior wood surfaces.

Tikkurila semi-transparent systems are designed to protect exterior wood surfaces from the effects of moisture, UV and microbial growth. Great for use on exterior wood surfaces such as timber cladding, weather-boarding, fencing, sheds, log cabins etc.

Semi-transparent shades can be used with:

Tikkurila Kiva Interior Wood Lacquer

Tikkurila Pirtti Interior Wood Stain

Tikkurila Unica Super Hard-Wearing Lacquer

Tikkurila Valtti Plus Kesto Semi-Matt Exterior Wood Stain

Tikkurila Valtti Color Exterior Wood Stain

Tikkurila Valtti Akva Color Exterior Wood Stain

Tikkurila Valtti Extra Gloss Wood Stain Preparation:

Before applying your semi-transparent wood stain or finish, ensure the wood surfaces are clean, dry and free form grease, dirt, oil, wax and all loose material or surface contamination.

Ensure that existing glossy, previously stained and filled surfaces are thoroughly flatted down so as to ensure adequate impregnation of the semi-transparent coating into the surface.

Particular attention with regards to preparation should be given to resinous wood such as Oak, Teak, Cedar, Douglas Fir, Mahogany and Idigbo, etc., which contain oil and water-soluble tannin which may impair the drying, hardening or adhesion of surface coatings.


A priming coat of Valtti Base should be applied to all exterior wood which has not been pre-treated or vacuum impregnated with an approved wood preservative. Apply liberally on end-grain.


Semi-transparent finishes can be applied by brush, spray or by dipping. See product data sheets for more detail. For the best coverage of semi-transparent colours, stir before use. On average, semi-transparent stains last for 3-5 years based on the exposure and the colour chosen.

*The final colour of the finished effect will depend on the timber underneath, application method and number of coats applied.

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Tikkurila Wood Stain Shades

Colour Card of Tikkurila Valtti Wood Stains

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