Exterior Colours

Exceptional Durability in any Colour

Lightfast and Non-fading
Unlimited Colour choice
Waterproof and hardwearing

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Beeck Mineral Paints

The Unsurpassed, High-performance Coatings
Unbeatable durability and colour retention
Suitable for use on lime and lime based surfaces
Exterior coatings for both historic and new buildings

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RustOleum Murfill Exterior Finishes

Proven quality, Exceptional durability
For a Long-lasting and Beautiful aesthetic
Waterproof and Vapour Permeable
Highly flexible and Elastic with Crack Bridging Properties

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Prestonett High-Performance Exterior Fillers

Quick Curing and Easily Painted
Does not shrink or crack and can be applied to damp surfaces
Waterproof and Water Vapour Permeable

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Tikkurila Exterior Wood and Masonry Protection

Ultimate Protection, Outstanding Durability

Long-lasting Opaque and Semi-transparent finishes
Exception adhesion, does not peel or flake
UV, weather and mould resistant

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